Hawaii Helicopter Tours Take Scenic To New Heights!

Wondering what the best way to see the islands is? Well, you may need to guess a little higher. Hawaii helicopter tours will take you to scenic new heights for a vacation experience unlike any other!

Hawaii helicopter tours

Hawaii helicopter tours have long been a highlight of Hawaii vacations. I have been fascinated them ever since seeing T.C. and “Magnum P.I.” flying around Oahu growing up. Feeling of the wind in your hair, the cool headsets you get to wear, and the bird’s eye view of everything is simply breathtaking. While taking a circle island tour is a great way to see the island’s scenic spots and visit amazing attractions, nothing compares to the feeling and view of soaring over them!
Depending on how much of the island you want to see you can take a 30-minute ride over Honolulu and southeast Oahu, a 45-minute ride around the Ko’olau Mountain range and the North Shore, or a full hour ride which will show you nearly all of the island’s coast and central plain! If you’re looking for a fun and exciting activity for your Hawaiian vacation, this one should be at the top of your list! With the “air” portion of a “To-Do List” covered, all that’s left is covering land and sea. Join us on an amazing circle island tour and for an exciting snorkeling adventure for the most complete and fun filled activities in Hawaii!
See historical sights like Pearl Harbor like never before, get stunning views of Oahu’s unique topography and geographical features like Kaneohe Bay, tour the island without hitting traffic or stoplights, and experience the exhilaration of Hawaii helicopter tours! Join us on our newest and most exciting tour! Alooooooha!

Ready to take sightseeing to new heights?

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