Hawaii Father’s Day Dedication, Series Roundup

Hawaii is one of the last places in the world to see the start of a new day. In other words, when it’s Father’s Day in Manhattan, Hawaii’s residents are still sound asleep in bed. So let us be the last ones to say this: Happy Father’s Day to all fathers and fatherly figures in 2011! We’ve celebrated the men who shaped Hawaii by giving you a month-long tour of our islands’ greatest men. Feel free to take a virtual trip through this website to learn more, or continue reading for links to each article below. No one person mentioned here is more important than the other, though if you’re on vacation in Hawaii you’ll probably hear more about King Kamehameha, James Dole (as in Dole pineapples) and Duke Kahanamoku than you would Gabby Pahinui, George Na’ope or Father Damien.
  • Read more about the king who united Hawaii’s eight major islands, Kamehameha the Great.
  • Read more about the working class man who led a Hawaiian music revolution, Gabby ‘Pops’ Pahinui.
  • Read more about the Olympic medal-winning surfer who propelled the sport into international recognition, Duke Kahanamoku.
  • Read more about the compassionate man who took the forgotten people of Molokai under his wing, Father Damien.
  • Read more about the man who lived and breathed hula and founded the Merrie Monarch festival, George Na’ope.
  • Read more about Hawaii’s pineapple pioneer who changed the islands’ agricultural landscape, James Dole.
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