Hawaii Ecotourism

The travel industry, as with most functioning industries, is ever changing and evolving as consumers find new interests. One of the newest aspects of tourism and travel is Eco-Tourism.
The sole purpose of Eco-Tourism is to maintain and improve the environment for future travelers and generations to enjoy and venture to areas that are protected, tranquil regions, or unpolluted natural areas. Conservation, recycling, and energy efficiency are among the many environmental aspects targeted through Eco-Tourism. Minimal travel to natural destinations are often transported in clean burning vehicles and usually feature a walk or hike that explores local culture that supports the area. One of the newest and most exciting series of tours that Discover Hawaii Tours offers is our line of Eco-Tours. These tours showcase a different side of the islands, while educating on the natural history and exploring beautiful sites of cultural significance. With these tours, we take you to the Big Island’s Kilauea Volcano, Maui’s Hana Highway, and many locations around Oahu, including Sacred Sites, hidden waterfalls and even a swim with Wild Dolphins off of Oahu’s West Coast.
Come with us on a fabulous tour and discover native plants and flowers, hidden beaches and waterfalls, and an abundance of spectacular sites that are only found in Hawaii. Ecotourism is an excellent and necessary manner in which to preserve the environment that is so important to Hawaii and the rest of the world.

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