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Couple enjoying a guided hawaii eco tour on Oahu

Couple discovering ancient Hawaii Hala fruit

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An essential element to any vacation to the islands is an eco tour. 2,390 miles from California and 3,850 miles from Japan, Hawaii is the most insulated populated groups of islands on the planet. Because of this isolation the tropical environment of Hawaii is home to unique flora, geology and fauna found only in this archipelago. With an abundance of unique plants, landscapes and animals, the natural splendor of Hawaii will astonish your senses. These islands are hosts to rain forests where you can actually hear bamboo growing, smell Pikake and Ginger flowers in the air, hear the gentle songs of delicate native birds and see the grandeur of hidden waterfalls majestically flowing into tranquil pools.
jungle waterfall Hawaii eco tour

Eco tour guide pointing our unusual fora on the island of Oahu

While enjoying one of our tours you will not only experience the miracle of Hawaii’s distinctive ecosystems but we will also show you ancient cultural and archeological sites. Our naturalist guides are professionally trained to not only point out ecological wonders but they will interpret hidden meanings of local culture, customs and legends. Experiencing an unfamiliar location with a local expert guide who is able to share with generations of knowledge and insights is a genuine treat for any visitor. We urge you to make time in your vacation schedule to indulge yourself and family for a day in a spectacular island paradise. As you explore our selection of Hawaii Eco tours please be aware that all of our tours are made up of small groups and some are exclusive to Discover Hawaii Tours. For this reason the tours tend to sell out quickly so we highly recommend reserving your seat as soon as you can.   hawaii hidden waterfall hiking tour

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