Don’t Just Have a Hawaiian Vacation, Have a Hawaiian Adventure!

Looking forward to a trip to Hawaii? Of course you are! But how do you make a Hawaiian vacation really memorable? Sure, once you settle in to your resort you’ll want to have some fruity drinks on the beach, kick back, and maybe even read a good book in the shade. But what about after that? Don’t spend your entire vacation laying around—go have a Hawaiian adventure. There are plenty waiting!

Hawaii activities are numerous, no matter what island you are located on. Here are some of our favorites available through Discover Hawaii Tours!

Dolphin Excursions throughout Hawaii are really awesome snorkeling style adventures that take you out into the water to see real wildlife! Bring some sunscreen and prepare to be blown away by the amazing biodiversity and beauty that lurks beneath Hawaii’s waters!

Wet N Wild Hawaii in Oahu is a perfect family waterpark with huge attractions including ‘Ragin River’ with over 600 feet of waterslide in a huge raft, and the ‘Island Racer’ a 240-foot downhill race! Again, bring sunscreen and be ready for an entire day of unlimited rides!

Hawaiian Adventure

Helicopter Tours in Big Island give you the absolute best view of the Kilauea Volcano as your pilot swoops low over the caldera and the molten earth within. When you book this Hawaiian adventure, you will also get a magnificent bird’s eye view of the islands and the coastline.

Kualoa Ranch Adventures on Oahu provide you with a glimpse into Hawaii’s cowboy past. Gallop through untouched landscapes on the 4,000 acre property with the Horseback Tour or dive into the Jungle Expedition as you experience secret filming locations of Hollywood blockbuster films and more!

A Dinner Cruise along the Na Pali Coast is probably the most romantic idea we have. You’ll see the most beautiful coast in all of Hawaii and watch the sun set slowly over the Pacific Ocean, a sight guaranteed to melt hearts and make lifelong memories.

There are so many more we can’t list in this post, from Segway tours to hiking, the Seal Life Park, Scuba Diving, Zipline courses, Kayaking, Fishing Charters, and more! Hawaii has so much waiting for you—so why wait around at the resorts? Call (808) 690-9054 to choose the adventures that sound best for you and have a Hawaiian adventure that will never be forgotten! 

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