Hawaii 5-0 Remake is a Go

Returning to television this fall will be a new take on a long-time favorite. CBS has recently announced that they have given the green light for ‘Hawaii 5-0’ as part of their fall lineup. Though the characters remain the same, the story will have a different premise and promises to be edgier and more action packed than the original that ran from 1968 to 1980.The show will star Alex O’Loughlin as Steve McGarrett and “Lost” cast member Daniel Dae Kim as Chin Ho Kelly. The pilot was shot in early March at many locations around the island including Punchbowl Cemetery and at many locations in Downtown Honolulu. Filming has since resumed and many of our tours have witnessed the sets and glimpses of the actors. The original show was filmed in a studio built in Diamond Head, with on-location filming taking place at sights such as Iolani Palace and Waikiki Beach. Starring Jack Lord and James MacArthur, the showed used many locals as extras due to the lack of a film industry in Hawaii at the time. Though Jack Lord’s character Steve McGarrett was the protagonist and his character was the lead of the show, his catch phrase “Book ‘em Dan-O” is what has long been remembered as time has gone on. This new version of the cop-drama will be filming throughout the summer on Oahu and there will be opportunities to see many of the locations used in this, and many other shows and movies, by joining us on one of our circle island tours. These tours also feature many famous locations for surfing, historical sights, and beautiful views.

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