Have Amazing Amounts Of Fun On Big Island Vacations

As the biggest island in Hawaii, there are lots of ideas for what to do on Big Island vacations. From the tops of mountains, to exploring the sea floor, and lots of fun in between, these are our favorites!

Make a big splash on Big island vacations

There is nothing better than jumping in the waters of Hawaii and exploring the amazing world below the surface. Take an epic snorkeling adventure while on Big Island vacations and you’ll be sure to be smiling and making memories that last longer than amazing vacation photos!
Take an incredible journey to an underwater world on an amazing 65-foot catamaran. Complete with a water slide, diving platform, sound system, flat screen TV’s, and refreshing adult beverages, this day is sure to be fun for anyone! A continental breakfast and deli sandwich bar is included with your tour to help keep you energized for all the amazing things you’ll see! Afterwards, go for a dolphin-watch cruise along the Big Island’s Kona Coast!

Soar through the sky on a zipline adventure!

How would you like to feel like you’re flying on while on Big Island vacations? Well, you can! Take an exhilarating zipline adventure and soar through the rainforest canopy on the Big Island’s most extensive zipcourse.
The friendly and enthusiastic guides will have you cheering for the next ziptrack as you make your way down the mountain, overlooking the big blue ocean.

See Hawaii’s active volcanoes!

The biggest way to have fun while on Big Island vacations would have to be to visit Hawaii’s active volcanoes. The wonders of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park are things you cant find anywhere else in America! Travel through an ancient lava tube, feel wafting vapors from natural steam vents, and see the active volcanic craters from the Halema’uma’u overlook and Kilauea Iki overlook.  
No feeling can compare to the you get seeing the power of Mother Nature of action. They say “Real estate is the most valuable thing to invest in because they’re not making any more.” Well that’s not entirely true! See the earth’s processes on a volcano tour! We hope to see you, Alooooha!

Turn The Heat Up On Big Island Vacations!

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