A happy guest review- What people are sharing about us?

A trip to Hawaii is certainly a memorable experience unto itself but knowing about our happy guest reviews will put you at ease when booking your tours.  It’s hard not to fall in love with the beautiful and diverse aina (land), or the pono (righteousness) that the locals live by.  Furthermore, we’d like you to experience all the islands have to offer—to take you someplace that will truly take your breath away, a place you will remember for a long time.

We know you let others know when you’ve had a great time, whether it be via Facebook, on your blog, on Twitter, or just old fashioned word-of-mouth.  We absolutely love it when our guests speak up and let us know how we did on the web—especially if the review is glowing! It makes us happy to make you happy.  The Hawaiian concept of mahalo (gratitude; thanks) is something taken very seriously and with passion on the islands.Recent Facebook posts from guests who visited in 2013 affirm our amazing service and attention to detail.  Borrowing from their words on one of our tour pages (the One-Day Hawaii Volcano Eco-Adventure Tour), guests write about their “most awesome, fantastic trips,” commenting on guides “[the most] entertaining and informative guide I have ever had,” with personalized and friendly interactions “there were twenty people on the bus and she memorized each name.” Others remark “Terry [the guide] is very good at what she does and it shows because she enjoys doing it,” and “[the guide was] well-informed, passionate, generous and pedagogical.”  We carefully craft and tailor each tour to make each guest’s visit the absolute best! The mahalos speak for themselves—and to that, we too say mahalo.

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