Handwritten Reviews: Comment Cards on Pinterest

I hope you’ve been enjoying the various posts about customer reviews here lately. I want to show you another side to the reviews we receive at Discover Hawaii Tours—handwritten, genuine reviews from our guests. We call these notes Comment Cards, half-sheets of paper that our customers fill out and hand in to their hotel concierge.

A breakdown of the review process:

  1. After the tour, our guides ask each guest to fill out a comment card
  2. Guests are given the option to fill out the card and return it to their hotel concierge
  3. Concierge staff collect the cards and send them to Discover Hawaii Tours
 For a long time we’ve kept these comment cards to ourselves. Why? Well, we didn’t have the perfect medium to share them with you.

But now we have Pinterest

Pinterest.com is the perfect solution to share these comment cards with the world! Pinterest is a social network platform that calls itself an “online pinboard”. Basically, you can add to and share pinboards of any kind with people around the world. How many people? Over 6 million monthly users and counting! In addition to sharing beautiful photos of Hawaii and snapshots from our Hawaii tours, we’ve invented a new way to use Pinterest: create pinboards of handwritten comment cards for everyone to read.

Unique reviews by real people and it shows

The concept is a visual alternative to review sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp, where users can post comments on a business. The difference? You get to see genuine, handwritten comments from our customers. And it’s the interesting details and quirks in each comment card—like a one-word review in all CAPS, or an added checkbox to the tour guide rating—that make each “Pin” unique.  If you’re a graphologist, you’d love looking at each note to see the variations in each person’s handwriting. (Graphology is the scientific study of handwriting.)
We hope to see you on Pinterest. Join us for pinboards of Hawaii, including waterfalls, sunsets, hiking, photography, and yes, even reviews!

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