Hands-On History With Pearl Harbor Tours

Is visiting the historic sites of Pearl Harbor something you have to do on your trip to Hawaii? Well to make the most out of your experience you should go with Pearl Harbor tours! As Hawaii’s top historic attraction, Pearl Harbor sees more than 4,000 visitors a day and for good reason too. Nowhere else can you visit monuments with such impactful histories like the USS Arizona Memorial, Battleship USS Missouri, and Pacific Aviation Museum. Especially in one day. Pearl Harbor tours can take you to these amazing spots!

The benefits of going with Pearl Harbor tours

Why should you decide on Pearl Harbor tours? Tickets for the USS Arizona Memorial often sell out early in the morning, but we are lucky enough to get preferred tickets in advance. Not only admission to the attractions you want to see included in the cost, you won’t risk not being able to see Pearl Harbor’s most historic landmark. We know all of Pearl Harbor’s best parts and the secrets that go with them. Not only that, take a ride through historic downtown Honolulu before returning to Waikiki. Our experienced tour guides love to learn about Hawaii and can’t wait to share with you all the wonders which went in to shaping our state’s capitol.

Highlights from Pearl Harbor tours

The USS Arizona Memorial is just one of the many historic landmarks to be seen while on Pearl Harbor tours. Start your day off at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center with the intriguing attractions taking a look at before, during, and after the war.
Looking at the events on both sides of the Pacific leading up to the war, the museums at the visitors center show you what it was like to live in the time of World War II. Before taking the ferry out the the Arizona, watch a solemn film featuring footage from the actual attack. Moored just off the Visitor Center is the USS Bowfin Submarine. Known at the “Pearl Harbor Avenger,” explore the sub which stuck fear into the hearts of the Imperial Japanese Navy.
On Pearl Harbor’s Ford Island are even more historic sites. Home to amazing attractions like the Battleship USS Missouri and the Pacific Aviation Museum, a visit to Ford Island is an exciting way to experience Pearl Harbor’s history. Explore the decks of America’s most famous battleship, the USS Missouri. See the massive 16-inch guns, stand on the surrender deck where the war with Japan officially ended, and see parts of the ship that were in the blockbuster movie Battleship.
The Pacific Aviation Museum is truly a historical wonder. Located inside hangars which came under Japanese attack, walls and windowpanes are still riddled with bullet holes from over 70 years ago. Home to restored military aircraft from over a half-century of military aviation, history comes to life looking at the exhibits of the Pacific Aviation Museum.

Join us on Pearl Harbor tours

Whether you want to just go to the USS Arizona Memorial or if you want to spend your day exploring all of Pearl Harbor’s historic sites, we have you covered! What’s even better is you can pair Pearl Harbor tours with visiting Oahu’s other amazing sites. Take an adventure around Oahu after visiting Pearl Harbor, or dine at an amazing luau and enjoy a spectacular show in the evening. If you’re on an outer island, take an island hopping adventure to Pearl Harbor!Alooha!

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