Top 6 Tips for Touring the Road to Hana (Part 2)

Cruising along Maui’s famous Road to Hana is a wonderful and unforgettable experience. All along the Road to Hana are some of Maui’s most interesting and beautiful locations that you will not want to miss! While your time spent traveling the Hana Highway will be fabulous no matter how you choose to embark on your journey, these tips may make your day on this twisting and turning road even greater.


First, be sure to make the most noteworthy stops. A great way to ensure that you will see some of the most loved sights along the Road to Hana is to travel the Road with a tour group! Join in on one of many available Maui Hana tours in order to get the complete experience of the Road to Hana! Discover Hawaii Tours offers the ever popular and renowned Road to Hana Eco Adventure Tour. On this tour, your friendly, expert guide and driver will be sure to stop at some of the best locations the Road to Hana in Maui has to offer. You will have the chance to step out of the van and explore all of the locations that you wish to discover. Some of Maui’s most notable sights are the famous Wailua Falls, the black sand beach at Wai’anapanapa State Park, and, at the end of the Hana Highway, Hana Town!

Those who have traveled the Road to Hana also suggest that you head on the highway prepared! Be sure to pack a camera; you will not want to miss the opportunity to snap at least a few photographs of these unreal sights. It is also a great idea to pack a few snacks, bottles of water, sunscreen, sunglasses and/or a hat or visor, and a swimsuit and towel in case you would like to take a dip!

Another tip to keep in mind is to reserve a whole day for your trip along the Hana Highway. You will have a fantastic day traveling along this famous road, so be sure to soak it all in, take your time, and enjoy every second! Most people consider the Road to Hana a day in itself, and if you have other activities planned for the evening, you may find yourself wishing you could spend more time along this glorious highway!


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