4 Reasons The Hana Tour In Maui Is A Must

Hana Tour In MauiIf you’re visiting Hawaii, you’ll want to make sure you see Maui. This island is full of beautiful nature and fun things to do. But one of the most famous experiences on Maui and, in truth, all of Hawaii, is the Road to Hana. The Hana tour in Maui is popular, so you should consider booking in advance. 


Why is the Road to Hana so amazing? Here are 4 reasons you don’t want to miss this experience:


  1. The road is an adventure in itself. It’s not recommended that you drive it unless you’re a local, as the twists and turns and one-way bridges will keep you on your toes and prevent you from fully enjoying yourself. Let a Hana Tour in Maui expert drive you up into the mountains and cliffs. Always keep your camera ready because the views are unbelievable–you’ll find that this all-day tour is all about the journey. Traveling for hours in a paradise-like environment will give you a profound appreciation for Maui’s scenery and the island’s topography.
  2. If you get hungry along the route, no problem! Locals are ready with roadside stands selling banana bread and smoothies. This is a great way to literally taste the local flavors. You have never had a coconut banana smoothie this fresh until you pull off the Road to Hana and see the guy crack the coconut right in front of you. What’s more, it’s delicious every time.
  3. The foliage on the Road to Hana is amazing. You’ll see tropical flowers and trees you never knew existed! What’s more, you’ll pull off the road every once and a while to snap a photo of a waterfall. Keep going after you hit Hana and you’ll be in the national park. You’ll see the Seven Sacred Pools and get the chance to walk through a lava tube on a black sand beach. The experiences on your way and leaving Hana are just amazing. There are some great places to hike and the nature is like nothing you’ve ever seen.
  4. Finally, you’ll arrive in Hana! It’s a quaint town with maybe 3 hotels. Locals are pleasant and understand why you’ve traveled all day to their town. You can take in a meal or even spend the night. There is a different type of calm that surrounds Hana and it’s even more peaceful from the beach resort you left this morning. Soak it in and enjoy this gem tucked so far into the most beautiful island.
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