4 Amazing Maui Vacation Spots

When you imagine the island of Maui, you might think about the pristine waters, the tropical forests, or the unique wildlife that can be found there. The island of Maui has stood the test of time, and remains one of the most serene and beautiful places to visit in the world today. Discover Hawaii Tours is dedicated to providing its guests with only the most inclusive Maui island tours available. Let’s go over some of the fantastic Maui vacation activities and sights you can expect along one of their tours:

1. The Wai’anapanapa State Park- This location is the perfect addition to any Maui day tour. Boasting one of the most well-known black sand beaches in the world, this state park is a key travel point for anyone interested in the natural history of the Hawaiian Islands. Extending over 120 acres, these black sand beaches are surrounded by the lush forestry and preserved wildlife of ancient Maui.

2. The Puohokamoa Falls- No Maui sightseeing tour could be complete without a visit to the famous Puohokamoa Falls. These legendary falls are tucked far away from the Hana highway under a veil of beautiful forestry. Tourists can trek a short distance through well-traveled paths to visit this unforgettable place. The waterfall cascades over green cliffs for 200 feet, and is an absolute must see.

 3. Hana Town- If traveling to a place untouched by time sounds appealing, then this stop is for you. Hana Town is a wonderful and quaint village full of courteous people and flourishing scenery. Visitors will enjoy the tastes and sights of real Polynesian culture. It can truly be said that Hana Town is the heart of old Hawaii.

 4. The Wailua Falls- Continuing beyond Hana Town along the tropical Hana Highway you will find these majestic falls. The Wailua Falls cascade well over 200 feet into a pristine pond below. Watch as the sun is glistens off of the misty wind, and be captivated by the beauty of this secluded wonderland.

 These are just a few of the destination sights that can be found along a Maui tour. Discover Hawaii Tours understands the importance of customer service, and aims to provide you with the best Maui vacation experience of your lifetime. Their tour packages are tailored to your specific interests, and are certain to thrill. So “Ho’olu komo la kaua”, or please join us! Call us at 808-670-3743 to book your dream vacation today.


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