Hana Relay 2011, Maui: 617 Curves, 56 Bridges, One Destination

About the Road to Hana

Maui’s most popular sightseeing adventure is more about the journey than the destination. Everyday, dozens of Road to Hana tour buses, rental cars, and daring bicyclists head out on the Hana Highway from Paia Town to Hana Town. The journey is heralded for its exquisite sightseeing, black sand beaches, hidden waterfalls, and breathtaking rainforests.

Wait, people are running the Road to Hana?

It’s all part of the Hana Relay 2011 race, starting at 5:30am on September 10, 2011. Teams will be seeded into one of six different start times, and start time intervals are 15 minutes eachThe 52-mile course begins at the Kahului Airport area and finishes at the Hana ballpark. The catch: runners don’t have to run the entire course length , instead, the race is separated into ‘legs’ which teams of runners will alternate in completing.

A note about teams:

There’s a limit of 150 teams, each team consisting of six members. Teams with less than 6 members will qualify for the Open Division. Each member is required to run three separate legs of the course (each leg is about 2-3 miles long).  And thankfully, one vehicle is allowed per team (how else would the rest of the team catch up?).


For purposes of competition and awards, divisions are:
  • Men’s Open
  • Women’s Open
  • Mixed (2 or more team members of the opposite sex)
  • Men’s Masters (40+ years of age)
  • Women’s Masters
  • Mixed Masters
  • Open
  • Hotel/Resturants
Plus, all teams qualify for spirit competition!


The Most Spirited Award will be awarded  based on enthusiasm, sportsmanship and coordination. Teams that demonstrate good sportsmanship both on and off the course, as well as creative van decoration and costumes will have higher chances of winning this award.


Looking to volunteer? Email Joe Alueta at hanarelay@virr.com.

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