What is There to do in Maui?

Whether it’s your honeymoon or just another vacation, Maui is an excellent choice. It has beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts and some amazing eco tourism. Here are just a few things that you can do while visiting Maui.

  • Take a surf lesson. One way to enjoy Maui’s beaches is to participate in one of the island’s most popular sports. People come to Hawaii from all over the world for the surfing. Surf lessons are offered to beginners and include a wetsuit rental and board rental.
  • Visit Hana, Maui. The road to Hana is a mountainous drive with more than 600 hairpin turns and hundreds of one lane bridges. You’ll drive through rainforests and past waterfalls all to get to Hana, a peaceful little town on the eastern side of the island. If you’re worried to drive this on your own, you can book a tour on a mini coach. Experienced drivers will lead you up to Hana and you’ll get several stops along the way. Be sure to stop for some homemade Hawaiian banana bread!
  • Watch the sunrise over Haleakala. Haleakala is Maui’s volcano and also has a national park named after it. This area takes up nearly half the island and includes a variety of foliage from the base of the volcano to the top where it’s often below freezing just before sunrise. The reason people wake up at 3am to catch this tour is to see the sun come up above the cloud line. Haleakala’s summit is more than 10,000 feet in the air, making for a spectacular show at sunrise. Choose to drive back down in a coach or ride down on a mountain bike.
  • Lahaina is an old fishing town and a hub for Maui tourism. Walking the streets of downtown Lahaina will give you opportunities to shop and eat like an authentic Hawaiian. Be sure to stop and get your Honolua board shorts or an authentic aloha shirt. This is also where you’ll see the famous banyan tree that’s nearly as long as the city block!
Maui is full of interesting attractions and eco adventures. Whether you prefer to shop and eat your way around the island or hike and do outdoors activities, you’ll enjoy this part of Hawaii. If you want to see some of the sites on other islands, such as Pearl Harbor, check out day trips to island hop to Oahu. You can stay on Maui and still visit the historical sites all around Hawaii. Book your trip on DiscoverHawaiiTours.com to visit Pearl Harbor, Road to Hana and much more or call us at 808-670-3743.

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