Halloween In Hawaii

Halloween in Hawaii is not for the faint of heart. No ma’am, it’s an immense pounding party of color and activity. But if you’re anything like me you may not be a big fan of the whole Halloween thing but may enjoy the timeless activity of people watching. You won’t find me in a wicked or weird costume, trick or treating in the hallways of my condo or even carving a pumpkin for my lanai. Nope, no way, no how! But if you are really interested in what myself and a lot of fellow Halloween humbuggers will be doing, head on down to Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki around 8:00pm on Halloween evening. Just imagine what would be created  if Beetlejuice connected with Mardi Gras then add in some drag queens and clowns and that just about conjures  up the evening’s street fare.

Hawaii’s Biggest Party Night
Yes if you’re in Honolulu this Thursday night and want to have a wicked good fabulously freaky time then Kalakaua Avenue is the place to be. In years past I’ve seen everything from motorcycle clowns to dead cheerleaders to fierce daring drag queens and just about anything imaginable. Both locals and visitors come together in this enchanted night to celebrate the art of the dress up. Who knew Hawaii would arouse such mad hatter mania. I don’t know if it’s in the air or the blood, but whatever sparks the festivities it’s certainly fun to watch. The next day, after surviving your evening of Halloween fun, you might consider joining us for a wonderful and inspiring circle island tour. You’ll relax in a comfortable mini coach while your friend guide points out Oahu’s most beautiful sights. This is the very best way to rid yourself of all the ghoulish Images of the night before.

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