Halema’uma’u Crater at Volcanoes National Park

The name alone can be quite intimidating: Halema’uma’u Crater. Containing many vowels, 2 apostrophe’s, and no clear direction on how to pronounce the word. The beauty that comes from the Halema’uma’u crater at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and from actually saying the word, creates a lasting memory of Hawaii.
How exactly do you say that word? As with most words in the Hawaiian language, break it into syllables. Hale (pronounced Ha-lay) ma’u (ma-oo; long sounding ‘u’) ma’u (ma-oo). Say it fast: Ha-lay-ma-oo-ma-oo Crater. Easy right? The best way to view the crater is from the lookout near the steam vents just past the Visitor Center of the National Park and from the lookout next to the Jaggar Museum. One of the best highlights from our Volcano Evening Eco Tour is when you are overlooking the crater, and you realize, “This is an active volcano!” Be sure you book your seats well in advance. Tours sell out fast and you can’t miss the Halema’uma’u Crater, Thurston Lava Tube, or the Kilauea Steam Vents when you visit Hawaii. Tours are available from Maui, Kauai, and Oahu,and the Big Island. The flight is short and the sites are amazing. See you on tour!

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