Haleiwa redevelopment puts Shave Ice stores in a sticky spot

North Shore Oahu landowner Kamehameha Schools has proposed a redevelopment of the area near Matsumoto’s Shave Ice, Aoki’s Shave Ice and other nearby business. Kamehameha Schools, which owns over 25,000 acres of land from North Shore Oahu to Waimea Bay Beach Park, stated that its plan is not to disrupt the historic town’s quality of life and uniqueness, including the shave ice locations and beaches nearby.
“[We are] committed to being a good land steward and responsible developer in a manner that supports the community’s vision to retain and enhance Haleiwa’s historic country character.”
Unfortunately Aoki’s, founded 1981, isn’t being afforded the same luck as Matsumoto’s, founded 1951. Both business have sole shave ice operations in Haleiwa. President Obama enjoys Matsumoto’s shave ice when he visits Hawaii on vacation with his family. Currently residents and visitors stand in line for shave ice right along the Kamehameha Highway in Haleiwa, exposing  them to a dangerous situation where pedestrians  are just a short distance from cars traveling by. Kamehameha Schools wants to improve foot traffic walkways in the area, demolish out-dated buildings while retaining four historic North Shore Oahu monuments. Aoki’s owner Cathy Aoki told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser she doesn’t know whether the family-owned shave ice business will continue to operate in the area. Kamehameha Schools offered Aoki’s a location in the newly planned buildings. Obama hasn’t made a response to this news in Hawaii yet. Visitors who travel on Kamehameha Highway can pass through historic Haleiwa Town on their way to the beaches. Eating shave ice on Oahu’s North Shore, where some of the world’s best surfing beaches are located, is a favorite pastime of locals and tourists alike and on everyone’s things to do list in Hawaii. Don’t forget to eat shave ice in Haleiwa, just like Obama and family.

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