Haleiwa Farmers Market Ordered To Cease And Desist

The tiny town of Haleiwa on Oahu’s North Shore has always been the epicenter for a “country” way of life in Hawaii. Since opening in 2009, the Haleiwa Farmers Market has been at the center of this ideal. With recent orders from the State Department of Transportation to cease and desist, the market will have to find a new home.

The Haleiwa Farmers Market

Open every Sunday for the last three years, you may have seen the roadside event while driving on the North Shore. Maybe you stopped an found the perfect souvenir or a delicious piece of fruit. Many small farms and artisans of the area have come together at the Haleiwa Farmers Market to share their passion with neighbors, community, and vacationers alike. Cultivating a stronger sense of community and sustainable agriculture, it was widely considered to be the best farmers market on the island, but the future of the Haleiwa Farmers Market is now uncertain. It is permitted to remain open through the rest of the month but must find a new home beginning in July.
Citing a statute of “Vending from highways is prohibited” just three years into operation, this motion came as a surprise and was met with an outcry of discontent. But there is still hope to save the Haleiwa Farmers Market.

Help save the Haleiwa Farmers Market

At their homepage of HaleiwaFarmersMarket.com an online petition is available for people to electronically sign in support for their cause. Whether you have visited the Haleiwa Farmers Market before or not they could use your support in preserving their cause.
If you go to the farmers market in your town, support their cause so they won’t have to find a new venue which will most likely be a few miles out of town. The North Shore of Oahu is a magical place. Far from the towering hotels of Waikiki, a visit to the North Shore is a charming way to spend the afternoon and see one of the many hidden gems of Hawaii. Check out our Hawaii Travel Blog for great vacation ideas, useful travel tips, tour features, and insightful stories about what’s happening in Hawaii. Thank you for reading, Alooooha!

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