Hale’iwa: A North Shore Gem

An hour drive away from the hustle and bustle of Honolulu is a charming north shore town called Hale’iwa. It is the landmark community of the peaceful North Shore and a gateway to world famous surf breaks such as Pipeline, Waimea, and Sunset Beach. Known as the surf capital of the world, Hale’iwa is the social and artistic hub of the North Shore community. Take a ride through town and you’ll see a well preserved historical main street full of locally owned shops and laid back North Shore residents.
I recently watched “North Shore,” a 1980s movie about a young up and coming surfer on the north shore of Oahu. This box-office bomb was supposed to be an inspirational action movie, but it ended up being more comical than anything. The stereotypes of punk surfers and outsiders (haoles) coming to Hawaii  was down right hilarious. One particular scene my friends and I laughed about was the fact that Hale’iwa looks exactly the same in the movie as it does today. The community has done a great job preserving the land and limiting commercialization from larger corporations and resorts. The town today showcases the laid-back Hawaiian lifestyle and has forever turned it’s back on the hassles of modern day city living. Residents and visitors all cherish the small businesses that fill up main street in the rustic old buildings, whether its an art gallery, shave ice stand, surf shop, or restaurant. Minutes before you reach Hale’iwa Town you’ll see a majestic landscape of pineapple fields, over-grown sugar cane fields, coffee farms, magnificent mountain ranges, and a clear view of the Pacific Ocean. On days when the surf is up, which is almost everyday in the winter months, as you drive towards Hale’iwa, you can see the white
caps of massive breaking waves on the horizon. Instead of bypassing to continue on the Circle Island Tour, Discover Hawaii Tours will take you on a ride down Main St to witness this quintessential gem of the north shore, Oahu. As one of the highlights on several of our island tours, you’ll witness first hand the culture, history, and laid back vibe this community has to offer.

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