Growing Premium Kona Coffee in Hawaii

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in America, but there is only one of the 50 states where it is grown commercially. Kona Coffee is a delicious and distinctive product of Hawaii. Our travel specialists at Discover Hawaii Tours can take you behind the scenes of the local coffee industry. We will help you put together the coffee tour of your dreams.

The Coffee Industry in Hawaii

Ever since coffee was first imported to the Kona district on the Big Island in 1828, the plant has been part of Hawaii agriculture. Although sugar was considered more profitable for many years, sugar plantations have slowly been closing, and coffee has become very important to the Hawaiian economy. Connoisseurs have recognized that the Big Island is a perfect place for growing premium coffee. Kona Coffee is now the most precious and sought-after variety in the world.

Why Is Hawaiian Coffee So Special?

As soon as you taste Hawaii coffee, you’ll know the difference. The smooth, complex, mild taste comes from the rich volcanic soil of the Big Island and the unique tropical climate on the Kona side. Local farmers must harvest their coffee by hand because of the rough terrain of their farms, leading to greater quality control and a higher grade of beans. The word Kona is synonymous with the very best premium coffee.

Hawaiian Coffee Culture

As Kona Coffee has become an important part of the local economy, a distinctive culture has grown up around it. Even in small towns, you’ll find coffee shops that serve local products with care. Enjoy a rustic cup at a beachfront cafe or chat with a barista in Honolulu about the fine points of making the perfect espresso.

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