Vacation Ideas For Kauai Activities: Connect With Nature And Go Green!

Many who have visited Kauai would describe it as the most beautiful of all the Hawaiian islands. Known as “The Garden Isle,” Kauai is the perfect place to connect with nature and plan for the outdoors when making your “Kauai Activities” list.
Rugged ridges line the tops of steep valleys teeming with lush tropical rainforest as they roll towards the sea to meet the azureous Pacific with a beach nothing short of pristine resting between. Kauai is paradise.

Kauai activities will show you unspoiled natural beauty in Hawaii

With just over 67,000 residents during the 2010 Census, Kauai is the least populated of Hawaii’s four major islands. The city of Honolulu on Oahu has about five times the population, and is far more developed. This is why Kauai is so beautiful. Beauty sprawls for miles along the lightly developed coastline for some of the most idyllic scenery in all of Hawaii. Kauai is also home to the wettest spot on earth, Mt. Waialeale, which feeds many rivers and streams distributing water across the island. This is why the rainforest is so green, earning Kauai the nickname “The Garden Isle.

Sightseeing with Kauai activities

The Waimea Canyon Eco Adventure Tour will get you up close and personal with Kauai’s most beautiful sights. The Spouting Horn Blowhole on the south shore of Kauai near Poipu is an amazing natural landmark. Water shoots through an ancient lava tube and sprays out through the top making a frequent geyser. Sometimes the spray can go as high as 30 feet!
On the road to Poipu is the Tunnel of Trees, which is a majestic road lined with large eucalyptus trees which have grown to form an enclosed canopy. Journeying under this living natural landmark is awe-inspiring, and is a moment you won’t forget! The highlight of sightseeing for Kauai activities without question is Waimea Canyon. Known as “The Grand Canon of the Pacific,” Waimea Canyon was carved out of the island by the Waimea River, and is over 3,000 deep at times. Even to those who have been to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the Waimea Canyon is still a spectacular sight.

There you have it! The Waimea Canyon Eco Tour will have you seeing Kauai’s most spectacular sights, without having to worry about getting lost. Along the way our friendly and experienced tour guides share local knowledge and culture with you enriching your experience. Also, our mini-coach small group tours give you a more personalized experience, as opposed to larger full-size coach busses. Hopefully this blog inspires you to get out and see all the amazing parts of Kauai, and connect with nature on your next Hawaiian vacation. And don’t forget to have fun while enjoying your Kauai activities! Aloooooha!

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