Google Street View Hawaii: Planning Your Vacation

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a full-immersion, 360° visual experience from Google is simply jaw-dropping. Now that Google has launched its new Google Street View Hawaii collection, travelers and daydreams can experience over 200+ popular destinations, resorts, universities, parks and recreation areas in the islands. It’s like taking a virtual vacation to paradise.

Plan your vacation to Hawaii

Savvy travelers planning their vacation to Hawaii can now use Google Maps to learn more about the destinations they want to visit. Get a feel for your tour – Experience the Road to Hana before the day of your tour with Google Street View. The winding road of Hana Highway takes you through rainforests past secluded beaches and hidden waterfalls along Maui’s coastline. Make a “must do” list – Check out Google’s Scenic Hawaii collection for over 25 attractions to visit, then jot down your favorite destinations by island.
Find a jogging route – Why run on vacation? Because Hawaii has some of the most beautiful parks in the world. Plus, a morning run is a great way to start your day, especially in Hawaii. A few of our favorite jogging routes in Hawaii are in Waikiki: Sans Souci Beach Park, and Magic Island. Daydream away – Google Street View’s Hawaii scenes are breathtaking. Count down the days to your vacation and daydream your heart out!

Street View for Popular Destinations

Google was invited to explore both public and private properties in Hawaii, which means places like Dole Pineapple Planation, the USS Arizona Memorial Museum, Aloha Stadium and the Honolulu Zoo are now on Google Street View. By the way, I looked for wildlife at the zoo and found a warthog, flamingos, and a monkey. What can you find at the Honolulu Zoo with Street View?

Google Street View vs. The real thing

Although seeing Hawaii’s famous destinations on a computer screen at home is nothing like being here in Hawaii, Google has done an outstanding job putting together these updated Hawaii Street Views. Mahalo, Google for making the beauty of Hawaii available for the world to experience.

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