The Google Pegman Surfer Wears an Aloha Shirt

There’s something special about Hawaii. The laid-back island culture, the vibrant clothing, the “aloha” attitude—it’s why we love Hawaii. Google loves Hawaii, too. They even made a Google Pegman Surfer to accompany you while you “surf” through Google Maps and Google Street View.

The Google Pegman Surfer

I first noticed the Google surfer dude when I dropped him into Aloha Stadium. Pegman, as Google calls him, was wearing a blue-and-white Hawaiian shirt. It was like Google was saying “Aloha from Hawaii!” to all its users. 
I didn’t notice his surfboard until I started exploring Waikiki Beach. Turning the Street View left and right revealed a surfboard under his arm. (If he’s facing directly south, you can’t see the surfboard very well, which is why I missed it at Aloha Stadium).

Surf’s Up! Pegman Rides

When you click-and-drag Pegman through the air, he jumps on his surfboard and rides through the air.

Google’s Hawaiian Legacy

The thought of a faceless 100-foot, orange-skinned Google Pegman Surfer at Waikiki is daunting, but kind of fun at the same time. Maybe Google will make a giant inflatable Hawaiian Pegman to celebrate the launch of its new Google Street View Hawaii collection. Learn more about Google’s Hawaii Street view updates here. Read about the history of the Aloha shirt in this blog post.

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