Go Cliff Jumping at Hawaii’s Famous Kapena Falls

Cliff Jumping

Cliff jumping at Kapena Falls can be an unforgettable adventure during your Hawaiian vacation with Discover Hawaii Tours. When you jump off the ledge into a beautiful tropical pool, you’ll make outdoor memories that last a lifetime. For the most adventurous members of your family, there’s a 35-foot cliff jump from the very top. There are also ledges 10 to 15 feet high for kids or more cautious jumpers. If you have a taste for adrenaline, let us help you discover this gem of hidden Hawaii.

How Do You Get There?

Kapena Falls isn’t hard to get to. It’s located directly next to the Pali Highway, not far from Honolulu, and the easy walk from the highway is under five minutes. If you’re in the mood for an adventure, you can head there after lunch in Honolulu and be back at your hotel in time for pre-dinner cocktails. Access is easy for tourists as well as locals, and you’ll almost always find someone there enjoying the falls.

Enjoying the Falls

There are many different ways of jumping from the Kapena cliffs. Two rope swings, one from the 35-foot drop and one from a lower ledge, give you an exciting approach to the water. You can also jump directly from the rocks. The warm tropical water in the Alapena Pool makes it an inviting place to swim all year round.

Safety Precautions

You don’t need a permit to jump at the falls—anyone can get in the car and go for a fun day of adventure. Of course there are some safety precautions you should keep in mind. The pool is only 9 feet deep, so always jump feet-first and test for underwater hazards before taking the big plunge. Kids should be at least 10 years old and must be good swimmers before they jump.

Discover the Falls Today

Kapena Falls is a great destination for people who love the water. To find out more about Hawaii cliff jumping, get in touch with our travel experts at Discover Hawaii Tours. Call us at 808-670-3743 today.

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