Giving Thanks From Hawaii to the World

Hawaii prides itself on being an ambassador of the “Aloha Spirit.” Our beautiful island home is nearly always sunny and warm, making the hearts of most of its residents similarly positive. It’s customary for us to always offer a smile and a “shaka” to friends and strangers alike. This way of thinking seems to fit perfectly with the ideas behind Thanksgiving. Appreciation for what we have, good will towards others, and a strong connection to “Ohana” (family), are ideals that all of us can get behind not just on Thanksgiving.
We at Discover Hawaii Tours hope that your thanksgiving is full of things that you truly appreciate. Be it piles of delicious food, the smiling faces of your family, NFL on a Thursday (without having to subscribe to the NFL network), or even your faithful pet, everyone ought to have something to be thankful for on this cherished day. While you may not be anywhere near beautiful Waikiki beach this Thursday, you can still enjoy some of what we call the “Aloha Spirit.” If you find yourself out getting that last second can of cranberry sauce or extra pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day, pay attention to the people around you. If they aren’t stressing about cranberry sauce being sold out, you might notice a glint of Aloha in their eyes. Feel free to smile and wave at a stranger or two. With thanks being given across the country, you are likely to enjoy at least an equally aloha filled response. Who knows, your outgoing efforts might end up making you a new friend on this day of gratitude.
If you feel like your not quite understanding this whole aloha spirit thing, you can certainly take a trip out to Hawaii to experience it first hand. Our tour guides, and office staff are naturally overflowing with aloha, and we are excited to share it with you. We will be here on Thanksgiving ready for your calls and comments, so if you do happen to find yourself alone this year, give us a buzz and let us share some of that Aloha Spirit. If you are simply looking for a warm voice to wish you a happy Thanksgiving this year, we will certainly be here for you. And don’t forget to carry over that Aloha Spirit into your black Friday shopping plans. A little of it might go a long way in making black Friday seem a little less hectic for everyone.

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