Gene Simmons’ “Rock & Brews” Coming to Maui

Gene Simmons, famous for his role as the front man of the band Kiss, will be part of a new restaurant concept for music lovers. The restaurant will open its first location in April with many more to come, including one on Maui. In this endeavor Gene Simmons is partnering with the noteworthy L.A. restauranteur, Michael Zislis and concert promoter Dave Furano, to create a concept that will serve favorite food of rock musicians, and features a concentration on an ever-changing, award-winning craft beer selection of artisanal breweries from around the world. The emphasis of the food at Rock & Brews is quality comfort foods that feed the soul as much as the appetite. And the beer, well, they have that covered. With hundreds of craft beers to choose from, and over 40 craft beers available on top, everyone with a thirst will be quenched. Another catchy side to this concept is the outdoor beer garden which features a place for patrons to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather, as well as their craft brew. Ever been backstage at a rock concert? That is the concept for the atmosphere for Rock & Brews; casual, friendly, energized environment that includes picnic tables, concert lighting, and projections screens and speakers that create a 360 degree viewing experience. The restaurant’s entertainment system which includes flat screen TVs, projectors, speakers, and concert lighting will constantly stream concert videos and live recordings of the greatest rock concerts of all time. The first location is set to open at the beginning of April in El Segundo, California, with several other L.A. area locations in the works. Other locations that the restaurenteurs want to pursue are in Maui, Hawaii; Denver; Atlanta; Tokyo; and Los Cabos, Mexico. Four Rock & Brews are set to open in 2012 with an aggressive plan to continue expansion in 2013.

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