Fun Ideas For Big Island Vacations

The Big Island of Hawaii is truly a magical place. Home to snowy peaks and active volcanoes, there is a wide variety of fun things to do while on Big Island vacations. Check out these fun things to do in “The Land of Fire and Ice!”

Visit Hawaii’s volcanoes on Big Island Vacations

Hawaii’s Big Island is home to Mount Kilauea, the most active volcano on the planet. The peak of a “hot spot” in the middle of the Pacific’s “Ring of Fire,” thousands of visitors each year flock to Hawaii Volanoes National Park to see Kilauea’s activity on their Big Island vacations.
Not only home to Kilauea, amazing geologic wonders like the Thurston lava tube and volcanic steam vents can be found in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. See volcanic activity and learn about the scientific process which go into studying Hawaii’s volcanoes from the Thomas A. Jaggar Museum and Observatory.
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is the only place to experience Hawaii’s geologic wonders. Don’t miss out!

Big Island vacations will have you zipping through tropical rainforest

Have you ever had the sensation of flying through the air with nothing but the ground beneath your feet? NO? Well, you have to try it! Taking a zipline adventure on Big Island vacations is just about as close as you can get to flying.
Zipping through the canopy of Hawaii’s tropical rainforest, experience the thrill of 8 zip tracks as you soar through one of Hawaii’s most extensive zipline parks. The friendly and enthusiastic guides will have you so excited, you won’t be able to contain yourself waiting for the next rush!

Have a Hawaiian snorkeling adventure

The waters off the Big Island’s Kona coast are some of the most clear and blue in all the islands. Home to over 600 species of aquatic wildlife, there is no shortage of amazing thigs to see on a Big Island snorkeling adventure. Never snorkeled before? That’s OK! Professional-grade snorkel gear and floatation devices will have you in the water with confidence.
Not only is a continental breakfast and deli sandwich buffet included in your trip, our charter boat is amazing. Complete with an impressive sound system and flat-screen TV’s, enjoy a 15-foot diving platform and 20-foot water slide! Talk about making a splash!
Taking a snorkeling trip on the Big Island will provide you with a lifetime of memories and beautiful vacation photos.

What will you do while on Big Island Vacations?

So if you’re planning Big Island vacations you definitely want to consider these fun activities to add a ton of excitement to your trip. Check out our Big Island tours page to see all the wonderful things to do on your trip to “The Land of Fire & Ice.” And take a look at our Hawaii Travel Blog for vacation ideas, travel tips, tour highlights, and interesting local news. Aloooha!    

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