Top 5 Fun Hawaii Family Vacation Activities

Wondering how everyone can have fun on your Hawaii family vacation? From making a splash with dolphins in the sea to swimming at waterfalls and adventures to places you’ve only seen in movies, the possibilities for fun are endless. Check out these fun and exciting things to do and create amazing memories on your next Hawaii family vacation. Enjoy!

Top 5 Fun Hawaii Family Vacation Activities

The best part about Hawaii family vacation activities is that they are often once in a lifetime experiences that you and your family will always cherish. Here’s our top 5 ways to have a fun Hawaii family vacation.

1. Spend time together having fun

A Hawaii family vacation should be a bonding experience and a chance for you to create memories doing things you could never do back home. Whether it’s big adventure to get the sought after smile of a hard to please teenager or the little moments that call the corners of your heart home, make the best out of every moment you have here!

2. Discover the Hawaii you only saw in movies… Literally

Oahu’s Kualoa Ranch has been home to plane crash survivors who were LOST,  had JURASSIC tenants and has seen planes flying towards PEARL HARBOR. In fact, it’s almost like you’ve had 50 FIRST DATES with it and you can’t remember. Get the picture? The ranch is not only been the scene for many Hollywood blockbusters but is also fully functional and has many fun activities the whole family will enjoy. From horseback and ATV rides and 6-wheel off road rambling adventures (which is super awesome I’ve done it) to lei making, hula lessons, and even sailing!
Spend a day, pick four activities (Everyone gets to pick one?..) and have a great day doing something everyone wanted to do.

3. Discover the hidden side of paradise together

Spend a day on tour where no one has to drive or want to change the radio station. Plus we’ve got the day all planned out! Sit back, relax, and laugh while you learn about the Hawaii’s treasured secrets while you enjoy the view! Discovering hidden temples, scenic beaches, sunbathing turtles, swimming at a waterfall, and even a voyage across an ancient Hawaiian fishpond await you on an eco-adventure tour!

4. Do that thing you’ve always dreamed of doing… probably

For many its swimming with dolphins. It was for me. I did it in the ocean and it was absolutely amazing. This is something the whole family will be raving about, even if they’re not the best swimmers (they have life jacket floaties). Enjoy a morning cruise up the coast and learn all about the creatures that call the waters of Hawaii home and get ready for an experience of a lifetime!

5. Head to the volcano for an island hopping good time

One of the most exciting things to do in Hawaii is to hop to an outer island for a completely different Hawaiian experience. Why should the story that starts with “Remember that time we went to Hawaii?..” stop when it could begin with “Remember that time we went to Hawaii and went to the volcano?..” Kind of a game-changer huh? Spend a day hopping from Oahu to the Big Island to experience Hawaii’s active volcano. A visit to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is not only exciting, it’s a step back in time to when the power of Mother Nature was still shaping the earth we see.
Hope these top 5 Hawaii family vacation activities help you and your family have the best trip ever! Want to get more than inspired for your Hawaii family vacation? Get pinspired with us on Pinterest! Share your fun vacation moments on Instagram with #DiscoverHawaii! Mahalo for reading, Alooooooooha!

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