Fun Free Things to Do This Weekend in Hawaii

There’s always something happening in Hawaii, whether it’s a free concert on the beach, open forum on Hawaiian music, or finding new ways for living a healthy life in paradise. The next coming weekends feature a variety of activities in Hawaii.

Roy Sakuma Ukulele Workshop

Sunday, August 14, 2pm – 3pm at Kaimuiki Public Library 1041 Koko Head Avenue
Master ukulele musician and instructor Roy Sakuma shares his knowledge and charm of Hawaii’s beloved instrument  with the public at “The Art of the Ukulele”. Sakuma will discuss ukulele playing styles and techniques to kids and adults of all ages.  Sakuma’s dedication to Hawaii’s signature musical instrument is obvious—he founded the annual Ukulele Festival in Waikiki, which recently celebrated its 41st anniversary in July, 2011.

Dunk-a-Doc & Splash-a-Staff Animal Clinic of Honolulu Fundraiser

Sunday, August 14, 12noon – 3pm, Animal Clinic of Honolulu 1048 Koko Head Avenue Just across the street from the Kaimuki Public Library you’ll find another fun thing to do in Hawaii this weekend, a fundraiser for the Animal Clinic of Honolulu. All proceeds from the event go to the Hawaii Fi-Do and Hawai Cat Foundation. The best part? You probably never thought dunking a veterinarian in a tank of water was on your list of things to do on vacation! With the opportunity to win $100 in prizes, participants can try to dunk Dr. Matthew Leara and Dr. Kristen Kunimoto in water, as long as they can hit the target to make them fall! The cost is $1 per ball or $5 for six balls, good luck! If you’re feeling kind-hearted for Hawaii’s animals, the Animal Clinic of Honolulu is also accepting donations of towels, blankets, bedding, toys, litter and litter pans, leashes and much more.

Hawaii’s #1 Farmer’s Market at Kapiolani Community College

Every Saturday, 7:30am – 11:00am Kapiolani Community College Experience Hawaii from the ground up at one of our favorite things to do on the weekend: shopping at a local farmer’s market. One of Hawaii’s most popular farmer’s markets on Oahu, the KCC Saturday market features all Hawaii-grown produce and Hawaiian made products. You’ll find a variety of greens, fruits, veggies, breads, snacks, jams, honey and more. For people looking for some thing to do outside of Waikiki. Plus, the view of the deep blue ocean off the Southeast Oahu coast will surely please anyone!

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