From Here to Eternity Beach: Explore One of the Most Famous Oahu Beaches


Oahu beaches
have been featured in many movies, from Blue Crush to Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but one of the most memorable scenes shot along the Oahu shoreline was in From Here to Eternity. You may remember the iconic scene, in which Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr kiss while lying on the sand, waves breaking over them. During your visit to Hawaii, you can discover this spectacular secret beach for yourself with Discover Hawaii Tours.

Getting to Eternity Beach

Though this now-famous beach is sometimes referred to as “From Here to Eternity Beach,” its original name is Halona Cove. The cove is located off of Hanauma Bay among a southeastern stretch of Oahu beaches, just a few miles away from Honolulu. The cove is situated near Halona Blowhole, a popular site where rock formations and powerful waves produce water sprays that resemble a geyser. The beach can be accessed from the Halona Blowhole overlook, though you should be prepared to navigate sharp rocks as you climb down to the cove. We recommend wearing closed shoes and clothing you can move freely in.

Exploring the Cove

Many visitors are content to simply take in the sights that this famous beach offers. The beach is scenic, isolated, and a popular backdrop for photo shoots or even videos. When the water is calm, the cove is a great place to swim. Under the right conditions, you can even dive nearby and see coral and various aquatic species. However, caution is always important, since the water can rise rapidly, the current is powerful, and there are no lifeguards stationed along this stretch of beach.

Planning Your Oahu Trip

At Discover Hawaii Tours, we offer various trips featuring Oahu beaches, such as our Hidden Adventures of Hawaii and Koko Head Crater Sunrise Hike, to help you experience the beauty of Halona Cove and other hidden gems. If you’re ready to discover some of the most beautiful and forgotten areas on the Islands, call us today at 808-670-3743 to find and book your perfect tour.

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