Free Waikiki Fireworks on Fridays, All Year Round!

Did you know? Waikiki fireworks are free every Friday. Read more to learn about why there are fireworks every week, and where the best place to see the fireworks is.

7:45pm every Friday Waikiki Beach Hosted by the Hilton Hawaiian Village

Celebrate your vacation in Hawaii

Some people never think to ask “Why are there fireworks in Waikiki every Friday night?” The free fireworks show on Waikiki Beach starts at 7:45pm every Friday and lasts ~10 minutes. The show is hosted by the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Where’s the best place to watch the Waikiki fireworks?

We’ve heard people recommend the concrete pier in front of the Outrigger Reef on the Beach hotel. You’ll find yourself under the brightly lit night sky above the Waikiki high rises and hotels. Others have suggested Magic Island, for it’s open-air park space right near the beach.

What about New Year’s Eve fireworks?

Waikiki takes it up ten notches for the New Year. The streets are packed and the beach fills up with people celebrating the New Year. Tip #1: If you plan on sitting on Waikiki Beach to watch the NYE fireworks, arrive early for the best spot. Tip #2: Stop by the convenience store or super market (try Food Pantry, a little pricey, but they have to pay the rent like everyone else in Waikiki) Enjoy the New Year wherever you are! And if you’re on Oahu for the holiday, hope to see you in Waikiki!

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