Free Things To Do In Hawaii: Oahu Events

Looking for free things to do in Hawaii? Check out these Oahu events that will give you an experience of local culture.

Free things to do in Hawaii: Prince Lot Hula Festival

This Saturday, July 21 is the 35th Annual Prince Lot Hula Festival. This wonderful festival is the largest non-competitive hula event in the state, so the Aloha Spirit will be in the air.
The festival will be held at Moanalua Gardens and is truly a celebration of the traditional Hawaiian dance. It honors Prince Lot Kapuaiwa, who reprised the Hula which was once banned in the area. Running from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., there will be over a dozen performances, and a chance to enjoy local dishes for lunch. The event is free but the Moanalua Gardens Foundations has a button fundraiser to help raise funds. Come out and support the cause and experience Hawaiiana on your vacation.

Free things to do in Hawaii: Hawaii Ukulele Festival

This Sunday, July 22 is the 42nd Annual Ukulele Festival and is one of the most celebrated festivals in Hawaii. Take a short walk down to Kapiolani Park starting at 9:00 a.m. for the largest Ukulele festival of its type in the world.
There will be performances by internationally known musicians, ukulele virtuosos, and a 800 person ukulele orchestra. Stop by for lunch during your day at Waikiki Beach, and experience some local music and food! Thank you for reading, Alooooha!

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