Fleet of Polynesian Voyaging Canoes Arrive in Hawaii

In the same spirit as the Hokule’a before it, a fleet of seven Polynesian voyaging canoes are sailing across the Pacific Ocean using just traditional methods. Without the use of a compass or maps, these voyagers will navigate by reading the stars and ocean swells.
The vessels, which arrived into Hilo Bay, Hawaii on June 16th, are journeying across the Pacific Ocean in order to raise awareness regarding plastic pollution, overfishing and rising sea levels. Originating from New Zealand, the voyage is called Te Mana o Te Moana (The Spirit of the Sea). Before arriving in Hawaii, the crew first sailed through French Polynesia. On June 24th, the fleet of sailing canoes will arrive in Honolulu before making its way to Kauai on July 6th.  These Polynesian voyagers will then set out for San Francisco on July 10th. This amazing journey is being documented for a film called Vaka of Hope. Sailing on a double hulled vessel (commonly called a catamaran) is a popular Hawaii tour. Multiple sailboats operate out of Waikiki every day of the year, providing Hawaii visitors with the same thrill of freedom and speed that these voyagers are experiencing on their voyage. To find out more about this incredible adventure visit www.pacificvoyagers.org.

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