Film Production Tax Credits to Attract More Films to Hawaii

After the recent success of “The Descendants”, a movie that was filmed and set in Hawaii, lawmakers in the Rainbow state are looking at ways to attract more production crews to Hawaii. According to a recent article on KHON “Lawmakers are working on crafting a bill that’ll give movie and TV productions larger tax credits.” Angela Tilson, a Location manager who has 20 years’ experience scouting movie locations, told KHON that “studios are always looking for the best of everything in their movie but they still have to meet a budget line.” The article on KHON’s website states that “Hawaii has lost many film and TV shows to other countries and states where movie studios can get more bang for their buck.” Rep. Tom Brower, (D) Tourism Committee Chair, told KHON that he would like to see tax breaks somewhere between 25-30%. This would make Hawaii a more competitive location and attract more production studios. Brower said that “We have such beautiful people and scenery that when the people see it they want to come here.” The initial loss that the state would take on the tax breaks would really just be an investment in the future of tourism in Hawaii. With the amount of attention that Hawaii has received from “The Descendants” as well as past success of movies such as Jurasssic Park, Lost (The TV Show), and Hawaii Five-0 it should be painfully obvious that one way to attract more tourists to the island is to have more film and TV crews here. When people see the beauty that the island has to offer they will definitely have Hawaii in mind when they are making plans for their next vacation.

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