Father’s Day In Hawaii

June 16th is approaching soon, and on this day people all across America will be saying thanks to dad. If you’re going to spend Father’s Day in Hawaii then you will want to say Hau`oli La Makuakane. That is Hawaiian for Happy Father’s Day. Hawaii can be a great place to enjoy special occasions like Father’s Day. Here are a few things that can make dad really feel like a king while in Hawaii.

Go Outside on Father’s Day In Hawaii

Whether your dad is a regular outdoorsmen or not, a day out in the open Hawaiian air for some exercise and fun under the sun may be just what he needs for this year’s Father’s Day. Take your dad on a mountain biking or hiking adventure. You can also plan a guided day trip and visit some national monuments, spend the day snorkeling, or an activity he’s never tried before like kayaking. Whatever you decide, just make sure you get your dad up and out of the hotel before he decides on plopping on the couch in front of the TV!

Go Shopping On Father’s Day In Hawaii

Take dad shopping just like he used to take you! This particular activity for Father’s Day in Hawaii gives you a chance to return the favor of spoiling your dad the same way he spoiled you when you were a child. Offer your dad a gift of his choosing by buying him anything he wants; that you can afford, of course. Spend some time at the Ala Moana Shopping Center; Americas largest open air mall. Walk through the international Market Place in Waikiki or just across the street is the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center.

Boys Night Out

Sorry ladies, this activity is reserved for fathers and sons only. Plan a night on the town with your dad and spend some time bonding with him, man to man. This is a great way to spend vacation time with your dad on Father’s Day, and will allow him to see how much you’ve grown up and mature you’ve gotten. Some possible locations you can take your dad for a boys’ night out are Duke’s or Jimmy Buffett’s At the Beachcomber.

Daddy-Daughter Day

Since the last activity was for the boys, this one can be just for the girls. Arrange a daddy-daughter day for Father’s Day, filled with fun activities you both can enjoy. Start your day by taking your dad to Waikiki Beach and sign up for surfing lessons together. Learning something new, like surfing, is the perfect way to work towards a common goal and grow closer on Father’s Day in Hawaii. After surfing, arrange a picnic at Kapiolani Park and prepare some of your dad’s favorite sandwiches and snacks. Whatever you decide on doing, try and spend the most time you can together.

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