Father Damien Molokai Expedtion To Include Spectacular Air Tour

Throughout time many great and wonderful people have graced the shores of Hawaii, but only one has ascended to sainthood. Father Damien de Veuster, born Jozef de Veuster and also know as Blessed Damien of Molokai was a Belgium priest who won acknowledgment for his ministry to people with leprosy (also known as Hansen’s Disease) on the tiny island of Molokai in the late 1800’s. The patients had been placed on the island under a government authorized quarantine of the disease in 1866. The heroic priest loved and served his colony of outcasts before finally succumbing to the disease in 1889 at the age of 49.

On June 4, 1995, Pope John Paul II beatified Father Damien and gave him his official spiritual title of Blessed. In April 2008 Damien was recognized as being responsible for two miracles attributed to him and later that year the Congregation of the Causes of Saints at the Vatican voted to raise the Blessed Father Damien of Molokai to sainthood. The canonization process will be completed at the Vatican on October 11, 2009 before Pope Benedict XVI.

Today Father Damien’s region of Molokai has been established as Kalaupapa National Historical Park and its dour and distressed history has given way to a superb natural beauty of the Island. The village of Kalaupapa, the site of the original leper colony, is located at the base of the world’s tallest sea cliffs towering over 3,300 feet high. The sea cliffs form a natural barrier between the Kalaupapa peninsula and the topside of Molokai. The isolation of the peninsula is palpable with only 3 ways to reach it; which are, by plane, boat or lengthy ascension by foot or mule.

We are very happy to announce the inauguration, on July 1, 2009, of the first ever scheduled inter-island tours of Kalaupapa and Father Damien’s Molokai. Our tour 44 will take guests from either Honolulu airport on Oahu or Kapalua airport on Maui, via private aircraft to the Island of Molokai and specifically the Kalaupapa Peninsula. The land expedition will retrace the life of Blessed Father Damien and the air tour will provide passengers with spectacular views of Molokai’s sea cliffs and the world’s highest waterfalls.

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