Farms on Maui: A World of Diversity

If you’re visiting Hawaii, be sure to make time to explore Maui. The beautiful “Valley Isle” is home to world-class shops, restaurants, and farms. The many farms on Maui offer a unique look at Hawaiian food culture and the rich slopes of Mt. Haleakala. Let’s take a look at three farms on Maui, all offering different products that will delight your senses! (P.S. You can visit these farms on our Maui Food Tour, which we launched in 2011).

Surfing Goat Dairy

The most memorable farm on Maui, probably because of all the names the farmers have for their goats, is the Surfing Goat Dairy. Some of the Surfing Goat names include: Sassy, Tsunami, Funny, Shannon, Miss Winter, Tango, Hoku, Miss Bella, Elf, and so many more! Do the goats really surf at Surfing Goat Dairy? Yes! And we’ve got pictures to prove it. Plus, the best part about the Surfing Goat Dairy on Maui is the huge variety of cheese to choose from. Flavors include: Purple Rain, Midas Touch, Men’s Challenge, Ole!, O Sole Mio, It’s Not Sushi, Alaskan Delight, Mango Supreme, Tzatziki, Oyster, Napa Wrap, Diabolic, and more.

Ali’i Kula Lavendar Farm

You’ll love this place, a serene, scenic farm featuring thousands of plants and dozens of lavender varieties. And when we say thousands, we mean it! There are over 55,000 lavender plants at AKL Farm alone! Add to that plants and flowers like protea, avocado, eucalyptus, olive trees—you can find almost anything here! If you’re on Maui, take the time to visit AKL Farms, which also offers a gift shop selling all things lavender, from lavender coffee to lavender scones.

Shims Coffee Farm

A seasonal farm—Casey Shim lives here during the summer months, tending to his coffee crops and more—that offers a down-to-earth experience of a one-man farm. His coffee is downright delicious, giving an earthy, robust flavor in every cup. You can witness the process of making Maui-grown coffee when you stop by. The day we visited Mr. Shim to take these photos, he was drying the beans before roasting them. That’s why they are light tan in color and not suitable for brewing just quite yet!

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