The Top 3 Things to do in Kahului

If you’re traveling to Hawaii for a family vacation, you’re in for a treat. Hawaii is well known for honeymooners but it’s also a great place for families. What’s even better, you can easily find family vacation packages for Hawaii on travel sites all over the Internet. But which island should you choose? Oahu is a great place to visit but it’s pretty busy for a family vacation. The Big Island and Kauai are perfect for day trips, but they are more remote and really best if you’re into eco tourism and not much else. What spot is just right? Maui.

Kahului is where Maui’s airport is located and you’ll find some attractions there as well. Here are the top 3 things to do in Kahului.

  1. Shopping is a big tourist activity. Kahului has a large shopping mall where you can find all the name brands you love but also some local Hawaiian goods. You’ll also be able to catch a free show and hula dance at the mall’s center. If you get sick of shopping, you can always visit the movie theater and take in a show. Or you can visit one of the many restaurants in the area.
  2. While most of the eco sites will be in Haleakala state park, Kahului offers the Kanaha Pond State Wildlife Sanctuary. This is a 143 acre wetland with waterfowl and some endangered birds. The pond was designated a state sanctuary in 1951 but in 1971 it was named a National Natural Landmark. Your kids will enjoy seeing the wildlife and getting to know more about nature in general.
  3. Finally, consider visiting the Maui Arts and Cultural Center. It’s so important to teach your children about the Polynesian culture and traditions while you’re in Hawaii. Although Hawaii is part of the US, it’s the newest of the states and has its own rich cultural heritage. Introducing your kids to the native Hawaiian culture will make the island come alive for them. It also might help them learn and benefit from an educational experience even while on vacation! 
There is plenty to do on other areas of Maui. The Road to Hana and relaxing by the beach will surely take up a lot of your time. But if you find yourself near the airport in Kahului, try one of the suggestions above! A family vacation will never be the same once you visit Hawaii. Enjoy your time!

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