Experience Paradise With Hawaii Circle Island Tours!

What’s the best way to experience all the amazing parts of the island? With Hawaii circle island tours! Start your Hawaiian vacation off with one of these amazing tours, get to know the island, and return to your favorite spots before you leave!

Hawaii circle island tours

If there is one type of tour to take on a Hawaiian vacation, it would have to be a circle island tour. Hawaii circle island tours will have you seeing the diversity of Hawaii’s cultural landmarks, historical landmarks, and the most scenic of lookouts.
Hawaii circle island tours stop at popular souvenir destinations like the Dole Pineapple Pavilion and the Tropical Farms Plantation. Bring home some souvenirs that you won’t find in Waikiki, and enjoy the flavors of Hawaii. Take home a pineapple, some coffee or macadamia nuts, and sip on ice cold coconut water… from inside the coconut! You can also take a circle island tour that visits Pearl Harbor. Experience the incredible history of one of the most impactful days in American history. Learn about the events leading up to, during, and after the war from both perspectives.
The best part is a delicious lunch at a relaxing Hawaiian hideaway is included with your tour!

Circle island eco-tours

Other Hawaii circle island tours have more of a focus on experiencing the tropical environment. A circle island eco-tour is the way to see the island’s most beautiful natural spots. Visit the turtles of Laniakea Beach, see the scenic rocky south shore of Oahu, and have lunch on an island on an ancient Hawaiian fishing lagoon!

Circle Oahu tours from a neighbor island

If you’re staying on one of Oahu’s neighbor islands, you can take your Hawaiian vacation to the next level by taking hawaii circle island tours on a day trip! Get your island hop on and head to Oahu for the day to see the island’s best spots. Or if you’re on Oahu already, hop out to Maui and journey the Road to Hana or to the Big Island and experience Hawaii’s volcanoes!
Check out all of our inter-island tours to see which possibility excites you most! Learn more about the places in Hawaii you want to see in our free Hawaii Travel Guide, and check out our Hawaii Travel Blog for vacation ideas, useful travel tips, and everything else Hawaii! Alooooha!

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