Experience More Of Paradise On A Hawaii Tour

If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii, you should have a list of places to see and things to do. Taking a Hawaii tour is a great thing to add to your list because you will accomplish a few of those things in one amazing day! Hawaii has many unique and beautiful places, and the warm weather is perfect for outdoor and aquatic activities. With so many exciting possibilities it can be tough trying to do everything on your list, or do everything everyone wants to do.

Advantages to a Hawaii tour

For example, say you really wanted to go to Pearl Harbor and see the Arizona Memorial, your husband “can’t go to Hawaii and not go to the North Shore” and your parents are dying to go to a luau. You can do those three things in one day, freeing up more time on your vacation! The Pearl Harbor & Polynesian Cultural Center Luau Tour is visits Pearl Harbor, stops at Dole Cannery, North Shore beaches like Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach, and spends the afternoon exploring the South Pacific at the Polynesian Cultural Center.
After a delicious luau, relax and settle in for their award winning evening show “Ha: Breath of Life.” Featuring cultural acts from around the Pacific, this spectacular show will definitely be a highlight of you trip.

Take an island hopping Hawaii tour

One of the best things about coming to Hawaii is the chance to visit more than one island. Island hopping is the only way to experience the diversity of Hawaii’s attractions. Every island has beautiful beaches, but Oahu has Pearl Harbor, Maui has the Road to Hana, and the Big Island has volcanoes. Take a day trip on a Hawaii tour and get your island hop on! Fly from Oahu and find “The Heart of Old Hawaii” on the Road to Hana. Or visit the majesty and excitement of Hawaii’s volcanoes from Oahu.
If you’re staying on an outer island and haven’t visited Oahu before, you’re missing out on a real treat. Oahu has the most beaches, and is the most visited of all the Hawaiian islands. Home to some of Hawaii’s most treasured sites, no Hawaiian vacation is complete without a visit to Oahu. Check out all of our island hopping Hawaii tour packages to make the most out of your trip to Hawaii.

Enjoy the ride on a Hawaii tour

Our luxury mini-coaches will have you comfortably journeying to Hawaii’s best sites. Smaller groups of 25 allow for more personalized interaction with our friendly and experienced guides. Loving to share the aloha spirit and their knowledge of Hawaii, you’ll learn so much about Hawaii from them you’ll think you lived here! Taking a Hawaii tour will not only get you great photos and awesome stories, you’ll have memories to last a lifetime. So join us on tour today! For tips on making your vacation “to do” list, check out this recent blog post. Alooooha!

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