Expanding our Tours and Team

We’re a small Hawaii tour company with a big presence in the local travel industry. 2011 has been a year of growth for Discover Hawaii Tours as we’ve added new tours and new staff to our team. Since January 2011, we’ve introduced some outstanding Hawaii tours, including: And what about the office staff? Our marketing department has grown from a few hardworking individuals to a team of over half-a-dozen hardworking people, passionate about the work we do at Discover Hawaii Tours! A few months ago we hired Carl Laugerbaum as a writer, and he’s grown to help with video production along with publishing articles for our news site.
Today we’re setting up another desk in our Honolulu office in preparation for a new addition to the marketing team…
Luckily, our 14-passenger executive van (which we use for smaller tours like the Mauka to Makai Eco Adventure Tour) fits one of these Office Max writing desks perfectly. Oh, and it’s even luckier that we are close to Office Max in case we need office supplies in a moment’s notice, especially when it’s a desk!
Projects like building a desk from scratch (well, almost from scratch) might require us to re-focus our attention for a few hours on a more hands-on assignment.
But the greatest thing about working for a small tour company with big heart is what lies ahead, what the future has in store for us.
I can’t wait to see what 2012 will become for Discover Hawaii Tours!

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