Evolta Is An Ironbot!

Evolta finished its fourth world challenge on October 30, after approximately 166 hours and 56 minutes total, the little robot made its final strides to finish the Ford Kona Ironman challenge, one of the most challenging triathlon courses across the globe. Evolta, and his teams of support workers successfully guided the robot through the three legs of the Ford Kona Ironman Challenge event. Swimming, Biking, and running; each event was completed by a specialized robot designed to run on rechargeable batteries made by the Panasonic Corporation. The three different robots included a swimming, a biking, and a running robot. Each robot was specifically designed to take on the three different environments. Turning in pretty impressive times for such a small, battery powered robot, Evolta successfully completed all three of the events. The 230km Kona Ironman was finished in a total of 166 hours and 56 minutes and took the little robot all over the Big Island, Hawaii; the 3.8km swim took 5 hours and 36 minutes, the 180.2km bike took 97 hours and 42 minutes, and the 42.2km run took 63 hours and 38 minutes.  Creator, Tomotaka Takahashi, engineered the three bodies to be efficient enough to run on three rechargeable AA batteries, and estimated the robot would be able to finish the triathlon in about ten times the amount of time of a human – Evolta finished about an hour under the finishing goal of 168 hours. Evolta is a super robot! The three bodies used the same three batteries throughout the length of the triathlon; as the batteries ran out of juice they were recharged and the robot was sent on its way from the previous stopping point. This is a colossal achievement for the world of robotics as well as rechargeable batteries. After watching the videos that are floating around all over the internet its very obvious that the Evolta team was very careful not to give the little robot any advantages, and they were by his side from start to finish, ensuring his success.

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