Enjoy Hawaii’s Homegrown Kona Coffee

Coffee is a popular drink across the world. More than 80 percent of Americans start their day with a cup of the delicious beverage. Many countries grow coffee as one of their major crops, but the finest coffee on the planet is the Kona Coffee grown in our very own Hawaiian Islands. Our travel experts at Discover Hawaii Tours can help you learn more about this popular, delicious homegrown coffee.

What Makes Kona Such a Special Coffee?

Kona Coffee comes from a special district on the west side of the Big Island, where the climate and soil are perfect for growing this delicate crop. The volcanic soil nourishes the coffee trees, the heavy rainfall keeps them healthy, and the mild tropical climate guarantees perfect ripening. Because the terrain in the Kona region is rocky and uneven, the coffee berries must be picked by hand. Hawaii coffee farmers inspect every single bean as it is picked, creating the finest coffee available today.

Taste Differences Between Kona and Other Regions

When you take the first sip from a cup of Kona, you’ll taste the difference right away. The mild, smooth flavor comes from a careful process of gentle fermentation and slow sun-drying on wide decks. The highest grades of Kona beans are especially rich with natural oils and moisture, making an exceptional cup of coffee every time. Many varieties of Kona also have a distinctive floral or citrus aftertaste.

Where Can You Go to Taste It?

The coffee growing belt on the western edge of the Big Island is about 2 miles wide and features more than 500 coffee farms. Some sites such as Mountain Thunder and Greenwell Farms offer tours and tastings. You can also enjoy local coffee in many coffeehouses and espresso bars on the Big Island.

Kona Coffee is one of the traditional taste treats of Hawaii. Our friendly staff at Discover Hawaii Tours can help coffee lovers enjoy this unique product. Call our reservation specialists today at 808-670-3743.

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