Enjoy a Visit to Rainbow Falls


At Discover Hawaii Tours, our travel professionals specialize in finding the secret gems of Hawaii and helping you see them up close and personal. Rainbow Falls is one of these hidden treasures. It is a beautiful waterfall located in Wailuku River State Park, just a few minutes away from downtown Hilo.

Why the Unique Name?

Rainbow Falls, known as Waianuenue (“rainbow seen in water”) in the Hawaiian language, earned its name because of the vivid rainbows that take shape in the mist around the waterfall. The water descends from a height of 80 feet into a deep pool, forming a curtain of mist that reflects beautiful rainbows when the sun shines. These rainbows make the falls a great place to take photographs or just enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime view.

How Do You Get There?

Getting to the falls is easy. By driving west on Waianuenue Avenue from Hilo and following the signs for Wailuku River State Park, you can be there in only 10 minutes. Strong hikers can even walk from downtown Hilo, enjoying beautiful landscapes along the way.

Things to Do Near the Falls

Swimming and bouldering is dangerous around Hawaii waterfalls because of the strong currents and the steep drops. Visitors should stay clear of the falls and enjoy them from a secure viewpoint. There are many other safe locations around Wailuku River State Park where you can go bouldering, wading, swimming, or sunbathing. The park opens at sunrise, and early morning can be an especially beautiful time to view the famous rainbows around the falls. Be sure to bring sturdy shoes, comfortable clothing, and a camera to catch the unique sights of the waterfall.

Discover Our Unique Waterfalls Today

Rainbow Falls is a beautiful spot located near the exciting city life of Hilo. Add some peace and tranquility to your Hawaiian vacation when you plan a visit to the falls. Talk with one of our reservation specialists at Discover Hawaii Tours by contacting us at 808-670-3743.

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