Eerie Splendor Found On Hawaii Volcano Tours

I recently got the chance to experience one of the rarest and most magical places this beautiful state has to offer, Hawaii’s volcanoes. Offering more than just spectacular views of Mother Nature in action, Hawaii Volcano Tours feel more like a journey going back in time.

Journey back in time on Hawaii Volcano tours

Visiting the Kilauea Volcano is like taking a step back in time. The earth is open and exposed, there is a sort of “ancient energy” to the land, and when you stand there taking it all in the feeling of surreal natural beauty is nothing short of overwhelming. With giant ferns and lush fauna like nowhere else in Hawaii, journeying through the forests which cover the volcano feels like you’re going through Jurassic Park. Huge fronds tower over you, and the frequently seen volcanic steam vents add to the eerie splendor which blankets Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.
Walking through the lush forest of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park feels more like a trip through Jurassic Park.

“It feels like I’m on Mars”

Venturing deeper into the park will lead you to landscapes of past lava flows which seem like something you would see on Mars. Nearly barren and far from any sign of civilization, the lava fields offer the chance to discover our planet in it’s purest form… fresh creation and untouched by erosion.
The landscape of the lower lava fields seem like something you would see on Mars.
The highlight for me was visiting the Sea Arches on the coast below the lava fields. Looking over the sheer seaside cliffs feels like you’re standing at the edge of the world. There is no beach, no sidewalk, no power lines or street lights, just the end of the island stopping and dropping into the sea.
The Sea Arches along the sheer cliffs of the lava field coast are truly breathtaking, especially as the sun draws near the horizon.

The “Grand Finale” of Hawaii Volcano Tours

The most spectacular part of Hawaii volcano tours has to be the “Grand Finale”. Viewing the glowing volcano from the Halema’uma’u Overlook after the sun has set is one of the most magnificent things I think I have ever laid my eyes on. Our tour had stopped at the lookout in the daytime to learn about the volcano’s dynamics at the Jaggar Museum, but at night is when the volcano seems to come alive.
Watching the volcano glow brighter and brighter as the sky grew dim was an amazing experience!

Are you ready to experience Hawaii Volcano Tours?

Is experiencing a place like this on your list of things to do in Hawaii? Join us on a volcano tour! Our friendly guides know the best spots in the park to visit (as you can see) and have a wealth of knowledge on Hawaii’s volcanoes they would like to share with you while visiting one of our island paradise’s most magical spots! Ready to get Pinspired for you trip to Hawaii? Our Pinterest page is a fun and exciting way to plan your trip with things to do, tips for traveling, island activities, and much more! Aloooooha!

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