5 Reasons To Take An Eco Tour While Visiting Hawaii

Eco TourYour vacation to the Hawaiian Islands can be whatever you want it to be. While some tourists enjoy the fancy hotels on Waikiki and the beachside bars with umbrellas in the drinks, others may look for more eco tourism. But why take an eco tour while in Hawaii? Here are five reasons you should consider doing just that!

1. Many of Hawaii’s eco tours aren’t quite as active as you might think. Yeah, snorkeling requires some swimming, but it’s really more like floating with your head in the water. A boat will take you to the perfect spot or you can sometimes see amazing fish in water shallow enough to stand in. So there is no need to worry about the activity level. Some eco tours might require a bit more athleticism, but you should count all of them out just because of that. There are plenty of options for those who are only looking for moderate vacation activity.

2. While sipping drinks on a beach is a fabulous way to use your vacation days, think of other places you could do this. Florida, for instance or any beach town in California. Don’t fly all the way to Hawaii—a pricey plane ticket and big time change—just to do something you could have done in the continental US.

3. One of the wonders of Hawaii are the natural monsters that created this island—volcanoes. Make sure to visit at least one volcano while in Hawaii. It’s an amazing sight and you won’t regret it. This is one of the coolest things about the island and if you make it to the Big Island, you might even glimpse Mount Kilauea’s active lava flow!

4. Zip lining is a fun way to take in the eco tourism of the islands. It’s low activity but high adventure. You’ll see everything from above and get a thrill while doing it. Again, this is something you can’t get everywhere, so take advantage!

5. While you may want a romantic dinner in the hotel one night, it’s fun to get out and soak up the culture of the islands. Many eco tours have lunch stops at off-the-beaten-path places that will serve traditional Hawaiian meals. This is a great way to experience the island and the rich culture that makes it such a popular destination.

If none of these reasons convinced you, maybe this one will: don’t be boring. You won’t find many “cheap” vacations to Hawaii because it’s located so far from the U.S. mainland. Don’t squander this vacation on things you could have done somewhere else; live a little! Book an eco tour online or call Discover Hawaii Tours at 808-670-3743.

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