Eco-Friendly Water Refill Company Aims to Reduce Plastic Bottle Waste

According to an article published by Pacific Business News a Kauai native’s start-up has seen success in early ventures and has no plans of slowing growth. Creator of Flo Water systems, Wyatt Taubman, makes money by charging eco-friendly consumers to refill their bottles of water using water that is run through multiple filters. His business is a money making venture, but aside from that the young entrepreneur hopes to reduce the amount of plastic water bottles that find their way into landfills across the world, while providing clean and affordable drinking water to consumers.To date Taubman has 10 Flo Water System stations throughout Hawaii, including a few at Iolani School and University of Hawaii at Manoa. Taubman intends to grow his business further, and hopes to have more Flo Water dispensers in more places in Hawaii, as well as the main land. Taubman has his eye on the University of San Diego, where he graduated, as his first station to be set-up on the mainland. He told Pacific Business News that “My goal is to have a Flo Water in every state, once I have all the schools in Hawaii set up, the next move is to the Mainland.” One unique feature of this system is that it keeps track of how many water bottles have been saved, so that users can get a feel for how much of a difference they are actually making, and Taubman has a patent pending on the system. Taubman explained how he came up with his idea while he was in college; “I just realized in college that something needs to change. I saw other people concerned and it was at that point that I realized that I needed to get the entire population to stop using bottles.” Taubman is targeting schools for his system and offers them a percentage of the revenue generated in exchange for a place to set up the Flo Water dispensers.

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