3 Types Of Vacations When Visiting Hawaii

A Hawaiian vacation can conjure all types of images depending on the person. You may picture hula dancers and Aloha shirts or mountain bikes and surfing. Others will picture beaches and bikinis and still others will picture golf courses. There are so many ways to do Hawaii and no way is wrong—unless you stay inside! Here are three ways you can experience this magnificent island chain through an eco adventure.

  1. The resort life is a good one. This type of vacation is all about posh hotels, nice meals and beachside relaxation. You can definitely do this type of vacation on Hawaii. Whether you’re in Waikiki or Lahaina, you can find some high-end resort to satisfy your spirit for luxury. Golf courses are easy to find in Hawaii and tropical drinks and delicious meals are bountiful as well. Mix it up a bit if you’re on your honeymoon and take a romantic dinner cruise one night. Another idea if you plan to spend some time in your resort is to book a room with a balcony or terrace. This way you can enjoy the Hawaiian weather without bothering to leave your room.
  2. In contrast to the resort and relaxation trip is the eco adventure side of Hawaii. If you like hiking, surfing, mountain biking or cliff diving, you’re in luck. You can snorkel, zip line through the rainforest or take a rafting tour. All of these activities and more are available on the Hawaiian Islands. But you don’t have to be a super athlete to take advantage of the eco tourism. Easy hikes and beginner surfing lessons are available too. You just have to have spirit and a want to connect with the Hawaiian landscape. One of the perks to this type of Hawaiian vacation is you’ll see parts of the island you just can’t see from a hotel or Waikiki.
  3. Finally, there’s the middle ground. You don’t have to do just one or the other, but you can combine options 1 and 2. Also, be sure to throw in some of Hawaii’s historical sites. This includes the old town in Honolulu and a tour of Pearl Harbor. Hawaii has a rich Polynesian and American history that you can take while seeing the rainforests and beaches. And if the mood strikes you, there is some fantastic shopping available as well!

It’s easy to take advantage of everything Hawaii has to offer, just not always in one trip. Do your research and book tours early to get the best prices, whether you’re planning an eco adventure or anything else. Look through DiscoverHawaiiTours.com or call us at 808-670-6743 to get all the best deals on eco adventures and day trips in the Hawaiian Islands.

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