Eat the Street: Ice Skating and a Winter Wonderland

Eat the Street is bringing another fun event to Honolulu which will include great food from over 30 local food trucks, and in the spirit of the holidays is bringing some of the winter wonderland to Hawaii with a synthetic ice skating rink!

This month’s Eat the Street has moved, down the road a little, to 805 Ala Moana Boulevard which is right next to the Acura dealership. Attendees to the Eat the Street will be a part of the opening of a holiday ice skating rink where families can rent ice skates and enjoy an evening of ice skating without all the cold and wet!The synthetic ice skating rink will be a part of this month’s Eat the Street which will be themed Winter Wonderland, and isn’t something you’d expect to see in Hawaii. As part of the festivities, the food trucks will be decking the “hulls” and making up their rides with the most festive and creative holiday lights and decorations they can come up with.There will be a voting booth where attendees can vote for the truck they think has the most festive and creative decorations. The winning truck will receive a prize, and one lucky voter will be chosen to receive $40 in in food vouchers for the next Eat the Street event.Going to Eat the Street is always a fun time, and this event will be exceptionally fun with the addition of the holiday ice skating rink! Join the crowds on December 16 at the new location next to the Acura dealership.Mike Miller, overseer of the ice rink, is excited about the innovative plastic that allows people to enjoy the feel of real ice skating without any of the hassells of creating and maintaining real ice rinks, and he told KITV that he is already working on deals to take the rink elsewhere in Hawaii throughout the year.

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